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At Trustline we value your association with us and offer latest products which are essentially an ideal mix of technology, strategic products and quality services which defines benchmark in industry offerings.

As risk appetite and trading strategy for investor class varies substantially, The trading products (e.g. NRML, MIS, CNC & CO) has been strategically designed so as to cater most of your trading needs and ideas.

The links above provide margin requirement for different segments which is further classified within product ranges.

Some key features one should know while reading data in table links above is illustrated below. Product Range offered (According to Leverage and Type as Delivery & Intraday)

NRML - Is a Delivery based product on Net outstanding basis for the day.
- Available in all segments like (NSE/BSE- Cash, NSE/BSE-FO, NSE-Currency, MCX/NCDEX ...
- Whatever you trade (+/-) is netted and if there is an open position in NET will be carried forward for next day subject to available risk margin required by RMS.
- Always keep sufficient margin to meet margin requirements arising out of day mark to market.

MIS - One of Popular Day trading (Jobbing) product where one can trade while intending not to carry anything for next trading day.
- Offered generally at nominal rates compared to NRML.
- Any outstanding in NET is subject to Auto-Square off in last 30 Minutes of trading session.
- Available in all segments like (NSE/BSE- Cash, NSE-FO, NSE-Currency, MCX - Non Agro Select Commodities.
- Please read our RMS policy on RISK and disclaimer at www.trustline.in

CNC - Cash and Carry is also a delivery based product on 100% margin requirement.
- One sells his/her deliveries in cash from HOLDING report here.
- Trade to trade Settlement shares (BE in NSE & T/TS/Z in BSE) are allowed to be traded here.
- Ideal or investors who want to trade strictly in their own funds in Cash Segment.

CO - Popularly known as Cover order.
- Strategic products where High leverages are available following pre-defined user stop loss.
- Very Nominal margin is required here and is purely an intraday product.
- High Risk High Return product, available in NFO, CDS, Nifty Options - Buy/Sell.

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Investors are advised to read complete product description and methodology while trading with us and be fully aware of risk and return potentials, Please go through our policies and risk disclaimer at Trustline Home Page
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